ALCHEMY is the proprietary automated lead management system developed by AMS specifically to address the customized needs of its clients.


ALCHEMY offers all the usual advantages of computerized lead distribution programs:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Ease of updating records and collecting information
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Environmental advantages - no paper leads to print, track, and eventually destroy


What makes ALCHEMY different is that it incorporates key functionality critical to the success of subscription, membership and fundraising campaigns where we believe it is essential to treat each individual lead distinctly.  Unlike commercially available lead management software that warehouses tens of thousands of leads for enormous call centres conducting commercial scale campaigns, AMS created ALCHEMY to manage boutique-sized campaigns with the "high touch" calling methodology for which AMS is known.


"I would also like to applaud you on the reports that Artsmarketing uses.  The myriad of these reports and their usefulness are second to none.  I am continually amazed at the level of detail and amount of precision these reports depict."

Kathleen Z. Guzzi, Manager of Individual Giving, The Cleveland Orchestra




LEAD ORCHESTRATION - is a critically important strategy employed on all AMS campaigns.  ALCHEMY allows an AMS Campaign Manager to strategically distribute leads using an intricately developed lead orchestration plan established prior to starting your campaign.  ALCHEMY permits AMS Campaign Managers to orchestrate lead segments in pre-determined proportions that are matched to individual Caller skill-sets for maximum campaign outcomes.  This means that AMS can program a different lead orchestration for more seasoned Callers than for new Callers.  It means that lead orchestration can be altered after your campaign begins allowing AMS to increase revenue based on environmental changes.


CALLBACK MANAGEMENT - ALCHEMY will automatically return a lead to a Caller at the pre-determined callback appointment time.  This builds rapport between your patron and the Caller and sets the Caller up for success.  Unlike most commercially available lead management systems, ALCHEMY keeps all leads associated with your campaign and not an individual Caller - if a Caller leaves a campaign the leads do NOT disappear into cyber-space.  AMS Campaign Managers simply re-assign these leads for campaign optimization - this too builds trust between your patrons and your organization.


DATA COLLECTION - is easy with ALCHEMY.  Callers can easily update address, phone number and email information instantaneously.  AMS then provides you with a daily electronic file that can be used to upload directly into your database.  Records can be flagged for removal and records can be added for prospects as referrals are gathered.  Patrons' comments can be captured and managed easily for market research or intelligence.


REPORTING and ANALYTICS - are superior with ALCHEMY.  In addition to regular overall results and performance by list segments, AMS can provide statistics on individual Callers, refusal reasons, callback rates, customer feedback, list penetration, and much, much more.


DATA CHANGES and CAMPAIGN IMPACT - are instantaneous as updates are made to the database in real-time.  The lead pool constantly reflects new information or lead changes.  Kill lists and Do Not Call lists can be uploaded quickly and acted upon in real-time.  Other systems are tedious and cumbersome.


REDUCE CAMPAIGN COSTS - by using ALCHEMY to eliminate paper lead printing costs, costs associated with staff manually sorting and scanning leads, and the enormous expense of safely and securely storing and disposing of old leads.


CUSTOMER-FRIENDLY DIALING SYSTEM - ALCHEMY does NOT use a predictive dialing system.  There are no dropped calls or annoying "dead-air" calls to your patrons.  Lead information is delivered automatically to the Caller who is responsible for dialing each number in real-time - person-to-person.


COMPETITIVE AUTOMATED SYSTEM PRICING - ALCHEMY has no up-front software costs.  For a modest fee, AMS provides the software via the Internet on a weekly access basis.  You do not need to pay for additional IT support.  AMS manages, supports, and maintains all aspects of ALCHEMY.