Annual Fund Campaigns


Your annual fund is a crucial source of unrestricted revenue that ensures you are able to carry out your Mission.  At AMS we know that your annual fund also provides a gateway through which your supporters can connect and participate in the important work that you do.  Your donors are central to your ability to achieve your goals and AMS is here to assist you in developing the tools to best reach out to your community of supporters.


"Artsmarketing has successfully raised over $7 million in pledged revenue for The Cleveland Orchestra.  Throughout this time, there have been a number of staff changes within the Development Office at the Orchestra, and the one constant has been your company and its relationship to our donors.  A number of callers that you employ have truly become a part of The Cleveland Orchestra family."

Kathleen Z. Guzzi, Manager of Individual Giving, The Cleveland Orchestra


RENEWALS - Maintaining your current annual donor base is vital to any organization.  AMS offers specific strategies to retain your current donors.


REACQUISITION - AMS specializes in re-acquiring your lapsed donors.  We re-engage donors who for one reason or another have lapsed.  We work to invigorate and excite your past donors and to reintroduce them to your organization.


NEW ACQUISITION - You need to replace attrition and grow your donor base.  Telemarketing is by far the most cost effective way to generate significant growth from one year to the next.  Acquisition is an AMS specialty.  Our combination of campaign strategy, scripting, Caller training, and list development strategies produces new donors in a far more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way than direct mail.


UPGRADES - In addition to generating more revenue, donors who upgrade often develop more affinity for your organization and its Mission.  AMS utilizes its combination of scripting and Caller training to maximize your donor upgrade potential.


CONVERSION TO MONTHLY GIVING - Monthly giving is a win/win for you and your donors.  AMS Callers are trained to explain the benefits of monthly giving and to convert as many of your donors as possible to your monthly giving programs elevating their annual support to your organization.


IMMEDIATE ACTION CHEQUE PROCEDURE - AMS has developed this cost saving cheque fulfilment system to ensure cheque fulfilment rates that far exceed industry standards allowing the cost of traditional pledge follow-up letters to be channelled into thank-you letters and courtesy mailings.


ADDITIONAL GIFT/2nd GIFT ASK - Are you approaching your fiscal or calendar year end and projecting a shortfall in your annual fund campaign?  Let AMS help you identify and approach donors within your current constituency for a second gift.  We bring valuable experience to a partnership that will generate additional resources for your organization.


COURTESY CALLING - Invest in the future.  A well-timed, non-solicitation call is a solid investment that pays dividends and improves donor loyalty.


IN-BOUND DONATION SERVICES - Route your in-bound calls to us and know your donor services are not being compromised.  AMS Callers will use their exceptional patron service skills and sales techniques to not only complete the transaction but to show donors the benefits of upgrading to further support your organization.


SURVEYS - AMS can help you do research.  Either as a stand-alone project or as a sideline to an annual fund campaign, we can record the answers to the questions that you want asked.


AMS welcomes the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with your organization in order to maximize your annual fund program revenues.