Membership Campaigns



Membership sales are the lifeblood of many organizations and AMS specializes in their sales and development.  We bring outstanding knowledge and strategic tactical abilities to assisting with the long-term development of membership programs.  We know the importance of members as a revenue source and, more importantly, we understand the role that members play as vocal advocates for your organizational Mission and Values.


"I want to compliment you on the job you're doing with membership.  As a communications professional myself, I note how the nonprofits I support do things and what types of messages they use to get me to contribute.  In particular I liked the personal touch of the phone call to ask for a donation last year.  I liked that the people did NOT sound like telemarketers.  I liked the words they used that got me to say yes again: words of appreciation."

An appreciative donor after talking with an AMS Caller


RENEWALS - Maintaining your current member base is vital to any organization.  AMS offers specific strategies to retain your current members.


REACTIVATION - Gone but not forgotten.  AMS uses a specialized approach to re-engage members who for one reason or another have lapsed.  We work to invigorate and excite your past patrons and to reintroduce them to your organization. 


NEW ACQUISITION - You need to replace attrition and grow your membership base.  Let AMS show you how telemarketing is BY FAR the most effective way to generate significant growth from one year to the next.  Membership Acquisition is an AMS specialty.  Our combination of scripting, training, and list strategies produces new members in a far more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way than direct mail.


UPGRADES - Members who upgrade often become stronger vocal advocates for your Mission and Values.  AMS utilizes its combination of strategy, scripting, and Caller training to maximize your membership upgrade potential.


SINGLE ADMISSION CONVERSION - People who visit your organization are often the BEST source of new memberships.  AMS utilizes its combination of specialized conversion scripting and Caller training to maximize your membership conversion potential.


DONATION ADD-ONS - Development departments love AMS campaigns.  A typical membership campaign can generate thousands of dollars in additional donations to your annual fund.  AMS can recommend strategies to accomplish this objective without negatively impacting your traditional annual fund appeals.     


IMMEDIATE ACTION CHEQUE PROCEDURE - AMS has developed this cost saving cheque fulfillment system to ensure cheque fulfilment rates of 95% or more while allowing the cost of traditional pledge follow-up letters to be channeled into thank-you letters or courtesy mailings.


COURTESY CALLING - Invest in the future.  A well-timed, non-solicitation call is a solid investment that pays dividends when renewal time rolls around.


IN-BOUND SALES - AMS is smarter than your average answering machine.  During peak periods route regular in-bound calls to us and know your revenue potential is being fully realized.


SURVEYS - AMS can help you do research - either as a stand-alone project or as a sideline to your membership campaign.  We will record the answers to the questions that you want asked.


AMS welcomes the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with your organization in order to maximize the potential of your membership program.