Subscription Campaigns


Building a long-term, stable audience base is paramount for a thriving performing arts organization.  AMS wants to help you set and achieve your loftiest goals.  Our corporate expertise was built and honed on selling, pricing, and strategically designing subscriptions that audiences want to buy and, more importantly, want to renew year in and year out.  We understand the importance of your subscription audience as both a stabilizing force that allows artistic flexibility and a vital contributor to your financial security.


"The season looked good but after speaking with the Caller we were compelled to purchase."

A happy subscriber after being contacted by an AMS Caller


"I became a subscriber after receiving a call from a subscription sales person.  I attended the week before with a friend.  The sales person was very helpful in explaining the benefits of subscribing - in particular that you could exchange your tickets.  I had given up on subscriptions because so many times something would happen and I couldn't make it to an event.  This year's season has been stunning!!!"

A happy subscriber after being contacted by an AMS Caller


RENEWALS - Maintaining your current subscriber base is vital to any organization.  AMS offers specific strategies to retain your current subscribers.


LAPSED - Gone but not forgotten.  AMS uses a specialized approach to re-engage subscribers who for one reason or another have lapsed.  We work to invigorate and excite your past patrons and to reintroduce them to your organization.


NEW ACQUISITION - You need to replace attrition and grow your audience.  Telemarketing is by far the most effective way to generate significant growth from one year to the next.  Acquisition is an AMS specialty.  Our combination of scripting, training, and list strategies produces new subscribers in a far more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly way than direct mail.


PRO-RATED MINI SUBSCRIPTIONS - Opening night does not mean subscription revenue has to stop.  AMS can re-package the remainder of your season and keep selling.


FLEX PASSES and BUILD-YOUR-OWN SERIES - AMS helps people choose the best ticketing options.  We believe traditional subscriptions offer the greatest value both to you and your audiences, so we make sure people understand the benefits of subscribing before we discuss alternative packages.  Some people do require complete flexibility or the ability to pick and choose so if you offer it, so do we.


SINGLE TICKET ADD-ONS - Smart customer service means more revenue.  Where you permit, AMS invites subscribers to pre-order additional single tickets when they buy their series.


DONATION ADD-ONS - Development departments love AMS campaigns.  A typical subscription campaign can generate thousands of dollars in additional donations to your annual fund.  AMS can recommend strategies to accomplish this objective without negatively impacting your traditional annual fund appeals.


COURTESY CALLING - Invest in the future.  A well-timed, non-sales call is a solid investment that pays dividends when renewal time rolls around.


IN-BOUND SALES - AMS is smarter than your average answering machine.  Route your in-bound calls to us and know your revenue potential is being fully realized.  AMS Callers will use their exceptional patron service skills and sales techniques to not only complete the transaction but to show audience members the benefits of upgrading to a full subscription package. 


SURVEYS - AMS can help you do research.  As a stand-alone project or as a sideline to a subscription campaign, we can record answers to the questions you want asked.


AMS welcomes the opportunity to develop a strategic partnership with your organization in order to maximize your subscription campaign.