AMS Clients Review AMS


Below are a variety of testimonials from AMS clients speaking to the success of their campaigns as well as the quality of the AMS Callers and Campaign Managers.  We have many more testimonials that we would be delighted to share.




"Artsmarketing is recognised for its professional and collaborative approach to marketing, fundraising and teleservice solutions.  Their long client list and many success stories will further support this.  But the thing I most admire about this organisation is their dedication to achieving results for their clients.  This comes in the form of systematic campaign planning, budget development, lead management, team motivation and above all great in-campaign analysis.  They have an extensive set of analytical tools that they will deploy to your campaign that significantly aid the maximisation of results... while many of their competitors will do well to renew and upgrade an existing donor or subscriber base; Artsmarketing also excels at developing NEW donors and subscribers...  I can recommend AMS because after more than $10 million worth of campaigns under their guidance, I have not just been impressed with what they have achieved, but impressed by what I thought could NOT be achieved."

Mark J. Elliott, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sydney Symphony, Sydney Australia


"The AMS team could not be off to a better start in your work on our behalf.  Here are a couple of notable benchmarkts:

  • Exceeded Week One sales goal by $6,032 (301% of goal)
  • Exceeded Week Two sales goal by $23,497 (394% of goal)
  • Organized a fully staffed phone room of 12 Callers from the start of the campaign
  • Successfully implemented complex 'flex season pricing' by preparing more than 20 pricing sheets and organizing them in a way that Callers could quickly identify and communicate to customers.

Thanks for the leadership of your team and the amazing manager you brought in to get our campaign off to such a stellar start.  Onward and upward!"

 Tom Gabbard, North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center


"I want to commend the AMS team that led our 19-week fundraising campaign.  We boldly entered into a new contract with AMS this year, choosing your services over four other professional telemarketing organizations.  And we are incredibly pleased that AMS not only met the established financial campaign goal... you exceeded it!  I wish to give special thanks to our on-site manager, who won the hearts of the Callers with her endless energy, enthusiasm, and persistent 'can do' attitude.  Everyone conducted themselves with the utmost of professionalism and job sincerity, which played an integral role in the campaign's success.  And to top it off, we all had a great deal of fun!  We are deeply grateful to AMS for your friendship, hard work and continued commitment to the mission of Pittsburg Ballet Theater.  Thank You!"

Jodi K. Ahnmark, Director of Corporate and Individual Development, Pittsburg Ballet Theater


"Artsmarketing has successfully raised over $7 million in pledged revenue for The Cleveland Orchestra.  Throughout this time, there have been a number of staff changes within the Development Office at the Orchestra, and the one constant has been your company and its relationship to our donors.  A number of callers that you employ have truly become a part of The Cleveland Orchestra family."

Kathleen Z. Guzzi, Manager of Individual Giving, The Cleveland Orchestra


"Congratulations to everyone... we have surpassed last year's subscription numbers and set a new record in acquisition!!  This si the first time in 5 years that we have been able to stem the decline in sales.  Our challenge now is to reverse the decline and get our numbers back to where we were 5 years ago.  I feel very fortunate to be able to work with such a telented, committed group of people."

Deborah James, TheatreWorks




"Consummate professional. No excuses – will not allow any downturn to impact his motivational style, just looks for new ways to motivate and customize the message. He is quick to recognize a poor fit, and take immediate steps to replace callers with more appropriate and passionate employees. He treats his clients with great respect and deference, but pushes for new ideas and constant improvements."

Laura Desmond, Director of Annual Giving, The Cleveland Orchestra


"Our manager is sensational at her job; well-informed, interested, thorough, professional and friendly."

John Karastamatis, Director of Communications, Mirvish Productions


"Of course the success of nearly all campaigns comes down to one critical element: the manager, and his or her team support environment.  Artsmarketing Services places great pride in selecting, training and nurturing managers of the highest calibre."

Mark J. Elliott, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sydney Symphony, Sydney Australia 


"Our manager's strong sense of commitment to the success of the Ballet's program is impressive, she dedicates herself to motivating her team and reaching our goals.  Her sense of personal responsibility is not common and is very much appreciated."

Sarah Rhyins, Christensen Society Manager, San Francisco Ballet


"Managing a subscription sales team is hard work.  Managing a subscription sales team during challenging economic times is even harder.  Exceeding sales goals during such a time is nearly impossible.  That's why our manager's results this season have been so remarkable.  In addition, he is great to work with.  He demonstrates strong initiative, great problem-solving abilities a passion for music and infections enthusiasm for his job."

Frank Terraglio, Director of Marketing, The Pacific Symphony


"He is a superb manager and has proven his work to all who work with him as Callers on his team and those who work with him in orchestra management.  Numbers are one thing that certainly point to success but his unique combination of creativity energy, and drive, along with his unflagging enthusiasim for success is contageous."

Stephen Baker, Associate Executive Director, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra