Campaign Reports and Analytics

AMS is widely recognized for its extraordinary reporting capabilities.  Our campaign reports and campaign analytics are second to none.


AMS uses a proprietary database to track call results and produce reports that analyze the results in detail.  Positive and negative performance trends can be spotted quickly, along with their underlying factors.  We will help you to review the many variables that can affect results, including:

  • Individual Caller results
  • Lead performance analysis by lead segment
  • Contact rates by lead segment
  • Negative response reasoning
  • Upgrade performance analysis by lead segment
  • Results by series/level/package
  • Penetration rates


Analysis derived from these reports allows AMS to strategically execute your campaign and enables immediate and timely feedback.  Additionally, we can make quick scripting adaptations, modify lead orchestration, or change calling strategy to effectively trouble-shoot challenges that may arise during your campaign.