Customized Campaigns


Your campaign should be as unique as your organization.  AMS has the experience and flexibility to help you tailor a program to meet your specific strategic and budgetary goals. 


For example:

  • Your campaign can be conducted from your offices OR a nearby location in your community OR from an AMS Call Centre
  • AMS can provide a fully trained and experienced Campaign Manager to supervise your campaign OR we can train the candidate of your choosing for your in-house program
  • The Callers for your campaign can be employees of your organization OR they can be AMS employees
  • You can choose to run a paperless campaign using ALCHEMY, our automated lead management system OR work with traditional printed lead cards
  • You can focus your campaign any way you wish - on a combination of integrated objectives such as subscription sales and fundraising OR membership and capital campaign fundraising OR design a single-focused program


Management options fall into three distinct categories - Full Service Campaigns, Management Campaigns, and Comprehensive Consulting Service Campaigns.  AMS will sit down with you and discuss the different management options and how they vary.



Under this scenario, AMS provides a highly trained Campaign Manager and takes care of recruiting and training the Callers.  The Manager, Callers, and Clerk are AMS employees and we assume all payroll expenses.  AMS writes the script, prepares training materials, and designs a payroll structure for your campaign.  A Director of Campaign Operations oversees your campaign and provides weekly feedback and communication.  The AMS database provides a complete list of analytical campaign reports including lead tracking.  Full Service Campaigns can be conducted from your city or from one of several call centres.



AMS provides a highly trained Campaign Manager, writes the scripts, prepares training materials, and designs a payroll structure for your campaign.  A Director of Campaign Operations oversees your campaign and provides weekly feedback and communication including a full range of analytical reports.  AMS will hire and train the Callers on your behalf closely following your Human Resource protocols.  The Callers are your employees and you cover the costs of recruitment advertising, payroll and all applicable payroll taxes.  This option is only available for campaigns conducted in your city.  Management Service Campaigns are particularly appealing to clients who want to minimize fees payable to an outside company OR clients who are working towards having an in-house campaign OR are transitioning from an in-house campaign to a Full Service Campaign.



This type of campaign is designed for organizations that want to run their own in-house campaign (or may already be running an in-house campaign) and want to ensure that it is performing to its full potential.  You employ the Campaign Manager and Callers and you are responsible for all direct campaign expenses.  AMS offers four inter-related services that will maximize the results of your program:

  • Campaign Manager's week-long training seminar
  • Preparation of scripts, training materials, forms, and payroll system
  • Access to ALCHEMY and the analytical lead tracking performance reports developed by AMS
  • Campaign supervision and support from a Director of Campaign Operations



Full Service and Management Service Campaigns can be conducted from a space in, or close to, your offices or from an AMS call centre. 


A campaign utilizing local calling offers some distinct advantages:

  • Callers are members of your own community and are hired because they share your Mission and Values
  • Callers relate to the people they call in a way that is difficult to duplicate from a location in another city
  • The office is dedicated to your campaign
  • Callers can attend your performances, exhibitions, and events making them feel even more connected with what you do
  • You and your colleagues can easily visit and talk to the Campaign Manager, share information with the Callers, listen to the calls, and participate in achievement celebrations



Sometimes there are important reasons why organizations choose to locate a campaign in one of the dedicated campaign calling centres that AMS maintains.  For example:

  • Centralized AMS call centres are available in several different time zones - Toronto, California, and St. Louis
  • Our facilities offer teams of extraordinarily strong Callers and Campaign Managers who have years of experience working on diverse campaigns all across North America
  • AMS Call Centres are flexible and available when you need them creating opportunities for short campaign lead time 
  • Some of our strongest and most successful campaigns utilize a centralized AMS call centre
  • A centralized calling facility offers you ease of implementation - you are not required to host a calling team in your executive offices for months at a time 


AMS would be happy to sit down with you and examine your specific circumstances and make recommendations for you to structure a campaign that is focused on your priorities and managed to suit your needs.