AMS History


Artsmarketing Services was created in 1982, in response to arts organizations whose direct marketing practices were becoming more sophisticated.  At the time, the direct mail brochure was the traditional vehicle for selling season tickets, but cuts in arts funding demanded more proactive strategies.  AMS was at the forefront of the move to telemarketing.  The dramatic results we achieved for our clients firmly established AMS as the premium service provider as telemarketing grew to become an essential tool for both marketing and development departments.  On campaign after campaign, AMS enlarged subscription audiences and increased donor bases.  Our clients received appreciative feedback from their growing list of supporters.


Over time, AMS expanded its focus to include museums, art galleries, and public television.  Our techniques matured and our results and services expanded.  As we moved from subscription sales to annual fundraising and membership sales, we developed the skills to successfully design and manage major gift capital campaigns and planned giving programs.  Our client base grew to include hospitals, libraries, universities, social service agencies, and national charities.


We have developed a sophisticated Caller training program that consistently yields Callers skilled at carrying on intelligent mission focused conversations;  Callers that speak with confidence about our client's programs; Callers who are skilled salespeople.


AMS clients can be found in virtually every major Canadian city as well as across the United States and Australia.  We run campaigns on-site at our client's offices or off-site in offices closely linked with our clients.  We also run campaign-specific call centres in Toronto, St. Louis, and California.  We adapt to the needs of our clients and become their strategic partner.


The results of our collaborative approach speak for themselves.  During the past three decades, AMS has secured nearly $1 billion in revenue and over 3.5 million new supporters for our clients.  Our corporate campaigns have raised over $1 million since 2004 while our capital campaigns have produced over $12 million.  AMS planned giving campaigns have resulted in over 25,000 bequests conservatively estimated at more than $750 million.