Lifetime Value Analysis

With three decades of experience upon which to draw, AMS has developed sophisticated Lifetime Value models that are designed to help you identify your most productive direct response marketing and fundraising activities - those that generate the greatest number of high potential, long-term support.  This means looking at your results over a period of a few years, not simply based on immediate returns.  A long-term strategic partnership with AMS will allow us to measure the real success of any direct response offer.  We will work with you to identify trends in your renewal statistics.  


As your strategic partner, AMS will analyze and report on your organizational patterns to:

  • Review patron history
  • Evaluate the success of your current and past direct response appeals
  • Evaluate the success by list or lead segment
  • Identify your most productive direct response marketing activities
  • Make recommendations and design a program that will increase the lifetime value of your patrons