Outstanding Training


Time and time again, AMS clients who have worked with other vendors tell us that one of the key elements that sets AMS apart from its competitors is the exceptional quality and skill demonstrated by our Callers and Campaign Manager.  These skills are developed and honed and have evolved into a sophisticated training program that ensures predictive and consistent revenue results.


AMS Caller Training and AMS Campaign Manager Training programs have been created to ensure consistency.  Our training program is at the core of what we do - the programs are key to developing Callers who can produce revenue for you while simultaneously creating and maintaining goodwill amongst your supporters and donors.


AMS Callers are:

  • Recruited from your community - they have a strong affinity for your Mission and Values
  • Exceptional conversationalists who follow the AMS scripting methodology which supports intelligent conversations while keeping calls focused and effective
  • Articulate frontline staff representing your organization
  • Equipped with a wealth of background material and reference tools relating to your organization
  • Active participants in daily and weekly training sessions that ensure they possess the latest information about you and your community


AMS Campaign Managers are:

  • Campaign Leaders and Team Motivators who possess a strong affinity for your Mission and Values
  • Professionals who have achieved exceptional results and successfully completed the AMS Campaign Manager Intensive Training Program
  • Active participants in on-going training - ensuring adept knowledge of evolving trends, economic situations, and governance issues
  • Achievers who relish the idea of attaining their goals


Scripts developed for AMS Campaigns are:

  • Thoroughly researched and complete in their representation of your Mission and Values
  • Rich in detail and flexibility - they allow the Callers to converse with your patrons while staying focused and effective
  • Tools that ensure consistent revenue while advancing your Mission
  • Supported with a wealth of additional materials at the fingertips of every Caller


AMS Campaigns:

  • Possess clearly defined individual and team goals that are consistently achieved and celebrated when met
  • Advance your Mission and Values while serving as a frontline communications outreach tool
  • Are effective, efficient, and deliver value for money
  • Build long-term loyalty amongst your supporters, donors, and patrons 


Let AMS show you how our Caller and Manager Training programs are unique and how they convert into campaigns that consistently achieve their revenue goals while developing a strong affinity between your supporters and your organization.