Strategic Planning


At AMS our goal is to provide you with the most successful campaign possible.  After reviewing all the variables pertaining to your unique situation, AMS will design a program suited to your organization that will maximize revenue.



  • Maximize revenue through the sale of add-on tickets and donations
  • Extend selling season by creating pro-rated mini-packages
  • Repackage diverse programming into marketable series
  • Develop script strategies that help patrons to select series based on their preferences 


  • Review and refine your levels and benefits to maximize revenue
  • Review and refine payment options to optimize fulfillment
  • Implement systems to enhance collection of pledges
  • Identify upgrade and additional-gift prospects
  • Develop scripts that articulate your case for support in the most compelling and effective manner


  •  Review your existing list resources and suggest ways to improve their productivity


  • Coordinate telemarketing with your overall direct marketing strategy
  • Develop a calendar to coordinate multiple appeals
  • Create a lead optimization plan that minimizes the number of appeals made in the course of a campaign and maximizes the overall campaign results
  • Customize script approaches for use with specific lead segments


  • Develop a strategic plan and campaign to work within your budgetary constraints
  • Recommend campaign timing, size, and duration based on your strategic objectives
  • Recommend ideal call centre location based on your needs


Let AMS show you how we can develop a strategic plan with you that will achieve your desired goals within your budgetary constraints.